Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oil Boom News: Independence or Tory Cuts?

Oil in Scotland's North Sea is making Britain a fortune. Enough according to Bloomberg to justify:

BP to Invest 12 Billion Pounds in North Sea Over Next Five Years

And off Shetland BP are going to drill a brand new deep-water well off Shetland next year.

Yes, just as 'Surplus Scotland' faces cuts and job losses to subsidise 'Bankrupt Britain' Scots are about to send vast amounts more money to London:

People should understand that for over 30 years Britain has been a petro-economy driven by North-Sea oil and enriching London. The money coming in from oil off Scotland's coast would increase the living standard of every Scot hugely. Instead of using this money to invest in jobs, health and education for Scots it has been used to pay Christmas bonuses for fraudulant bankers in The City of London and recently on the Labour Party's wars.

The proceeds of oil could make Scotland a well-off, egalitarian nation like Norway. Instead we suffer huge unemployment, low wages, ill-health and low life-expectancy and with nothing to show for it except more Labour MPs doing pretty well for themselves in London. That situation is set to get far worse as the Tories answer to Labour bankrupting Britain is to cut even deeper:

The choice could not be clearer for Scots. Social and economic collapse within Britain or jobs and prosperity with an independent Scotland.

So, Independence or Tory Cuts? Which Is It?

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Alex Salmond said...

Tory cuts for me please