Friday, June 4, 2010

Union Propagandist Sorted Out

You gotta love this headline from this article in The Herald:

Scotland’s richest man rounds on CBI chief over tax powers

Yes, Iain McMillan of the Scottish CBI. No one is in doubt that he uses his position as chairman of that organisation for political ends. His unionist rants are drooled over by the unionist press and his partisan anti-SNP criticism is normally just short of hysterical.

How refreshing to see a real businessman like Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers showing him up for what he is: A propagandist! And a dangerous one at that. I mean he advocates privatising prisons. A policy which leads to people like McMillan to call for longer sentences so that his members can profit from secure 'bed nights'. And he argues that the SNP's policy of not going down the road of privatising prisons shows that the SNP are not pro-business..

Jim McColl reckons that McMillan has no remit to wade into the debate: “The CBI has fewer than 10% of business leaders in its membership. How can you make a statement like that? It is just ridiculously misleading,” ... “I am friendly with a number of Mr McMillan’s members and I know they share the same view as me.”

Indeed, McMillan had to be reeled in by his own members because of previous anti-Independence bombast before. It doesn't seem to stop McMillan's strident propaganda nor the unionist media from liaising and publishing it..

Being a real businessman Jim can actually talk from a business perspective and his views on fiscal autonomy are backed up by some of the most authorative economists on the subject. Not the fake ones The Scotsman likes to wheel out but economists with genuine global recognition like Professor Andrew Hughes Hallet.

At the launch of the new Scottish think tank Campaign for Fiscal Responsibility (CFFR) he said: “It is very easy to administer. The cost is insignificant compared with the advantages from a business-favourable tax regime."

These people are trying to introduce a reasonable debate on the economics of union and independence. Have Scots really not had enough of the nonsensical and specious propaganda regurgitated every election by unionists to stifle real debate? I for one would really like to see the back of propagandists like McMillan. In reality his true masters are political and everyone on both sides knows it.

At least there are brave souls like McColl around who are not afraid to think for themselves and speak out and demand a real debate on all our futures!

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