Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iran About To Be Bombed!

Latest from ZeroHedge

12 American Warships, Including One Aircraft Carrier, And One Israeli Corvette, Cross Suez Canal On Way To Red Sea And Beyond

So, Iran is to get it in the neck. All of the US´s own security and intelligence services will tell you that Iran poses no threat and is not trying to develop nuclear weapons and that even if it did it would take many, many years.

Yet here we are with the same old garbage about WMDs that got us into Iraq. That was a lie and so is this. So, Iran is to be bombed. A country which has attacked no-one in the last 300 years!

Does anyone think this is going to be simple? Clearly this is about Iran threatening to sell oil in Euros and about Israeli domination in the region.

I'm ashamed and disgusted. Yet the population will be brainwashed into backing it. What a murderous, poisonous and hypocritical ´civilisation´ we have morphed into.


Bob said...

Isn't it just the regular rotation of ships in the persian gulf Alex ?
Looks like the set up already stationed out there from the same base in Virginia ( Truman for Eisenhower carrier etc )

Alex Porter said...

Maybe but there´s Israeli ships with them. On top of that the Saudis have agreed to allow a narrow corridor through their country for Israeli jets to fly through on their way to Iran. There´s a fair amount of high level meetings between high-level Israeli military, which incidently is going unreported in the Western press but you can get it on Al Jazeera.., and the US. This is also the usual time for Israeli attacks because of weather considerations. It seems that the presence now in the gulf is larger than usual.. The Israelis are chomping at the bit for this and I´ve read a lot of material about how the neo-cons have been readying the scenario. The propaganda blitz hasn´t been for nothing..

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. I think though we should be worried about this. I think there could well be ugly unintended consequences.

Why can´t we just stop killing people?