Friday, June 18, 2010

A Golden Future

For anyone who wants to get to know how the financial system works instead of barking ideology at people here is a great place to start. A look at what gold is.

It may well be that all currencies will crash or be devalued and go back on to a gold standard. Gold has held its purchasing power for thousands of years while currencies have come and gone. Why is it a major topic for nations and banks in the world now? Why are governments and international banks suppressing its price?

What is Gold? -

Hinde Capital June 2010


Indyanhat said...

Why are they suppressing the price , well if they don't then the end result and very quickly is hyper-inflation and then currency crash (worldwide)!, secondly they want all the little people to buy into it so that when a single currency based on gold IS established then they will tax the hell out of anyone trying to sell their gold into the market, which basically means little people's gold will be worth f all, without all the needed reciepts etc to prove when and where bought etc (stops black market dead in its tracks)+ the tax you will have made a loss.
Gold to the little person may still be used in a black market economy for a short while and then it will be gone...and you will get f all on the black market for it at that time , yo can't eat gold and food will be more expensive than the taxes!!!
They know all this, they've planned all this and we the little people are only just finding out about it , round about 20 years too late.
I have a sneaking suspicion Brown got rid of the gold reserve because it could not be properly accounted for in the storm to come and was therefor worthless.
There are some articles you can get to through some of my postings that may help clear up the picture if you want to have a look!
Good pieces here and I do see where you're coming from, will click follow!!

Alex Porter said...

That said gold can be hidden and there are offshore accounts for ´goldmoney' where you can change gold for currency and then transfer into your domestic account..

Interesting points though to be thought through!