Monday, June 14, 2010

SNP, Remember What You Stand For!

The consequence of not espousing independence means that the SNP are not protecting Scotland from this kind of perfidious event:

Moore: more tax powers for Holyrood by 2015

If you need to know how London is going to tell Scotland what the score is in regards to her intrinsic right to self-determination read this:

The next major step for Scottish devolution – greater tax powers for Holyrood – will not be a big-bang moment but will take years to implement, Michael Moore, the new Scottish Secretary, indicates today.

Oh yeh? The British government alters and ammends Britain´s constitution in backroom deals at G20 meetings and in Brussels at the drop of a hat but Scotland must wait an ELECTION cycle for a small increase in taxpowers which many don´t agree with anyway..

Who do these people think they are laying down the constitutional law to a sovereign nation like Scotland? Not to mention the constitutional absurdity of devolving power to an equal partner in union. Devolution really is the politics of the constitutionally illiterate.

These kind of patronising statements should be met with astonishment and outrage.

So, they´re kicking us into the long grass. How do they get away with this kind of obnoxious manouvre? Well, tea-and-biscuit nationalists really don´t want to upset anyone with straight-talking. The result? They´ve put themselves in a straight-jacket. The unionists decide what can and can´t be discussed and the SNP obey. Political castration.

Meanwhile the rest of us have to take these kind of insults to our nation and believe that the DevoNats, who still have not apologised for or even ackowledged the crushing defeat of their strategy at the election, have a cunning plan to win a majority, win a referendum and lead us to independence. Right now they´re ashamed of the word independence and they expect Scotland to vote for it in a referendum in the next year or so. Who´s kidding who?

The last Holyrood election told us that people were open to be persuaded about independence. By allowing the unionists to dumb down the debate the people naturally now see the SNP as a party just like the others. This has made them vulnerable to media marginalisation.

The SNP have useful leaders. What they need now is talk about their core policy. The Holyrood election is but a year away. You know what Labour are going to do. They are going to score on the economy even though they have bankrupted Britain. SNP failure of strategy. They got the electorate believing an SNP vote was a waste and people believed them. Failure of SNP strategy. So, come Holyrood they´ll punt the line that Holrood can´t deliver independence and they have to start building a platform to protect Scotland from the Tories. Will this be another failure of SNP strategy?

The SNP must change the logic of political debate. They can only do this if they talk independence. Independence not Labour will protect Scotland from Tory London governments and Labour ones that are even worse. That´s the message. Accepting the language and logic of devolution is allowing the unionists to define and then defeat the SNP.

The British economy is dead and there´s no Scottish PM. This is an opportunity that the SNP must not waste. They´ve indulged in a supposedly safe strategy of not upsetting anyone and trying to look like the natural party of government. They´ve been on the ropes and made it to the bell. Now they have to come out fighting because they´re losing on points.

The environment could not be better and is ripe for some visceral politics. Labour will fight dirty. We have to be ready for a bruising fight. The SNP must get their heads of of the Holyrood tea-room sand and take the initiative. Sturgeon is a battler and so is Alex Neil. Let them loose. Get the Bradford and Bingly nats to work the constituencies and get the bruisers on the TV.

The SNP needs to remember what it stands for, that´s all.


TartanSeer said...

Absolutely spot on.

Time for the SNP to get its tackity boots on & get back to campaigning hard for independence.

Playing the genteel Unionist game can only end in disaster.

Alex Porter said...

Exactly, a nationalist party with a colonised mindset is not a nationalist party..

Anonymous said...

International capitalism is good at using patriotism to control the prols.

Scotland's culture is full of stories and songs about those who only had good experiences or made good lives for themselves by leaving the place.

The blogger, Sir Sean Connery and Switzerland's ex Grand Prix champion Jackie Stewart are good examples.

Independence is a legitimate political standpoint, but at least live in the bloody country if you are going to campaign for it!

Alex Porter said...


Why is that so vital?