Monday, December 20, 2010

Wikileaks, Tesco and Wendy Alexander

Interesting video below looking at how the world works and in view of wikileaks.

I wonder if wikileaks is just the beginning of a fightback against what is, a system.

In Scotland we need as many leaks and whistle-blowers to come forward as we can. We know corporate interests have a worryingly close relationship to government in London. That grip extends through its Scottish branches such as the Labour party in Scotland.

With Wendygate still simmering, Purcel and all sorts of local government shenanigans there's a dam waiting to burst out there.

When New Labour came to power, Gordon Brown decided to bring in a tax on car-parks, something that would have cost Tesco £20 million a year. Tesco got an exemption and at the same time gave £11 million as a donation to Peter Mandelson's Millennium Dome. Remember that? Tesco hired the services of Lobbying firm 'Lucas, Neil Lawson and Mendelsohn' (LLM) who had a very close relationship with New Labour.

As I remember, Wendy Alexander brokered a deal to have Tesco buy the site of St. Mirren football club in her constituency..

How refreshing it is to see John Swinney bringing in taxes on supermarkets! How refreshing it is to see the SNP bring forward legislation on organised crime.

I'm beginning to understand the visceral hatred Labour has for the SNP. They want rid of the SNP government badly.

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