Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Awakening

Austerity is not a forgone conclusion. The bankers using their government proxy would like us to believe that the public has to bail them out. We are supposed not just to forgive their fraud, which was an abuse of deposits and savings, but now compensate them for the losses they racked up indulging in it.

We are told it's good for us to accept austerity and have our standard of living slashed because we can't get by without these bankers. Yeh, we need them to commit fraud otherwise our economy will collapse. Well, the financial system went and to bail them out our economies and currencies were sacrificed and yet still the financial system is dead. All that public money is doing is continuing to pay bankster bonuses until there's nothing left.

Well, it's coming to an end. The people have had enough and are fighting back.

Listen to this English schoolboy for example. Clearly, there is an awakening:

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