Monday, December 6, 2010

Irish Terrorism - Banksters

Some are calling them 'financial terrorists'. Ireland's uprising against bankster occupation grows day by day.

Irish Senator (independent) and Presidential hopeful Steven Norris has released the names of the 'bondholders', of the now state-owned Anglo Irish bank, who risked their funds without proper due diligence and who, having gambled badly, are now demanding that the public assume generations of debt in order to cover their private losses.

There are 80 bondholders in all, based in various countries, but Norris only got the names of five of them out before being ruled out of order in the Irish parliament.

In order to compensate these investors the entire population is being forced into debt peonage and if the debts are assumed by the people another wave of emigration is expected to follow leaving a less productive, older population to foot the bill. Austerity is not going to work and unborn generation will be stuck with debt for their entire lives - an entirely immoral proposition. One might conclude that those calling the banksters 'financial terrorists' have a case which needs to be answered.

This whole charade shows how dangerous it is for a nation to relinquish its independence. In this case the problem is monetary union and the Euro. In Scotland we have exactly the same problem with the pound. The difference is the pound is being printed into extinction and Scotland's standard of living will go with it unless we move to a sounder currency.

It is starting to look like Ireland will join Iceland in repudiating the bailouts, sending a message that citizens around the world have had enough of bankster fraud!

Here is the list of the bondholders who are benefitting by piling debt on ordinary Irish citizens:

The bondholder are: Aberdeen Asset Management (London Ltd), AGICAM, Aktia Asset Management, Aletti Gestielle SGR and Alliance Bernstein (UK) Ltd.

The rest of the names were released in a document and are now circulating the net.

For more information read here.