Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peak Oil and a Changing Climate

With no-one trusting anyone these days and with conspiracies about conspirators rife, what with banks robbing us blind aided and abetted by almost democratically elected governments and Scotland's pro-union mainstream media spinning like a gyroscope it is no wonder that 'climate change' is another subject that folks are sceptical about.

I mean big business is involved in making everyone scared stiff about climate change so they can introduce carbon trading, which will be followed soon after by the kind of derivative trading that has brought the world to its knees by endemic fraud. Introducing the tax that would 'legitimise' world government and carbon credits which can be bought and sold - bought by heavy consumers with a series carbon footprint from the poorest on the earth who have no carbon footprint.

And then the biggest carbon offenders apparently being pregnant women, because of their children's footprint, means racial cleansing as rich white people buy poor South Americans' or Africans's credits who can only sell it if they agree to joining sterilisation programmes, we really do get people extremely worried.

Then there is the whole issue of 'peak oil' which some, including myself, argue will hugely decrease carbon footprints as we hit post-industrial society. Surely we shouldn't be so concerned then?

I have seen both sides of the debate and find it a bit of a shame that attitudes are so hard on the subject. It doesn't follow for example that because there are a lot of scams in the 'climate change industry' that we don't have a problem. There are scams in the health care industry does that mean we don't need doctors and nurses?

How useful it is then to get a series of informed contributions on the matter such as the following:


cynicalHighlander said...

The Globe's Limitations: How Peak Oil Threatens Economic Growth

Demetrius said...

Good one, and this is really just the half of it. There are other peaks to worry about as well. I like to check out The Oil Drum regularly. There is some interesting material there at a high level.