Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptians versus Israel

It goes on. The demonstrations in Egypt are about deposing the Mubarak regime. The people are waiting and waiting for Mubarak to go. A stalemate has been reached. Clearly, the US is trying to manage the situation in order to suit the interests of Israel.

The swearing in of Vice President Omar Suleiman by President Mubarak represents the Whitehouse desire. He is trusted by the Israelis whose network are said to control the US Congress and the bulk of the US political system through Zionist lobbying organisations and political campaign funding. Israel has a kind of bouncer role in its role in the middle-east which provides cheap oil to the US. Dollar hegemony is the issue as the middle-east sells oil to the rest of the world and that business is done in dollars which is the single most important factor in holding up the value of the dollar as the Federal Reserve and Obama continue to flood the world with dollars. You want to buy oil, you need to buy dollars first..

Israel wants an obedient regime. Clearly though, the interests of Israel/US are not those of the protesters. Stories about how the US is behind the protesters are merely attempts to position themselves to benefit from any outcome.

This is why the stalemate goes on and why intimidation and violence is likely to continue. Hundreds are now dead as the authorities have released prisoners from jails. Criminal gangs are now looting and committing act of violence. Police are said to be among the looters, organising and encouraging them. Communications have been cut and as I write airforce jets are flying low over the capital. In neighbourhoods water has been cut. State TV are showing scenes which do not reflect the true nature of the demonstrations. Al Jazeera have had their accreditation withdrawn but they are still filming live. Watch here:

These Egyptians are brave. They, again, are defying another curfew.

It is becoming clear that they are not going to settle for a new regime which reflects the interests of the US and Israel. They have waited decades and now is their time.

I therefore fear the worst. I imagine there will be some pretext for a brutal clamp down. Perhaps the crowds will be sprayed with chemicals designed to passify the demonstrators but the demonstrators seem stubborn. I hope I am wrong but the US and Israel will not permit a situation whereby Egyptians will have an opportunity to decide their own destiny as that could lead to an outcome which doesn't suit their interests in the region.

My take is to ignore all calls from the US when it calls for democratic reforms. That is not what they want. They want a puppet regime controlled by themselves. And repressive regimes are usually the very kind of states the US prefers as they are easier to control and it keeps they keep populations poor and so oil cheap. All you've got to do is look after the dictator and make him rich.

So, we wait. However, my view is that all sorts of plans are taking place to quell the protestors. It seems that the longer the US put things on pause the more likely violence will be the only way for either side to succeed.

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Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Oh! Dearie me

Labour 53%

SNP 21%


1971Thistle said...

Watch out Alex, you'll have the Israeli megaphone users after you...

sm753 said...

What is an "Egyption"?


Alex Porter said...

@Mr. Mxyzptlk,

Exactly, we haven't reported on their subsamples for months as they're almost entirely meaningless. Well, so says our data analyst..

Plus losing elections is not the same for us. For your lot it's you who loses for us it's the nation.

We don't therefore take it all so personally..