Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Labour should apologise over Lockerbie hypocrisy

Now that Labour are exposed as having cynically exploited the Lockerbie bombing for political advantage there are some questions which have to be answered. That done the victims, the Scottish government, the Scottish parliament, the Scottish people and beyond now deserver an apology for this repugnant hypocrisy.

Labour had pressurised for the release of Megrahi whilst at the same time trying to heap shame on the Scottish government for his release. How utterly despicable.

Below are just a small number of questions that now need answering. And then we need an apology.

by Joan McAlpine

Questions for Scottish Labour hypocrites over Megrahi

Now that all the evidence is out in the open. Here are some questons for the hapless Iain Gray and his adolescent Justice Mnister, Richard Baker.

When did you discover that your Labour colleagues in London were plotting to have Megrahi released?


Was it before or after you started your attacks on the SNP government policy?

Why did you continue to attack the SNP, knowing that your own colleagues plotted Megrahi's release?

Will you now condemn Gordon Brown and his Ministers who plotted to have Megrahi released?

Why not and what does that say about you - Iain Gray - as a 'leader'?

What's it like being a patsy, used by the big boys in London?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I am going mad but I am sure I read an article which I thought was on the Scottishreview site as a part 1 of 2 detailing the Scottish Governments view that it agreed the prosecution of Megrahi was safe, yet a review carried out on behalf of the Scottish government suggested about 3 areas where it concluded the case had a problem, yet /i can not find it now.

Now for taking the high ground yes Labour and the current Coalition are equally guilty of hyprocracy and lies.

However and understanding that sometimes political and diplomatic situations have to be concluded in certain ways, the Government needs to come out and look into the whole matter again, even if it upsets the corrupt US officials.

But more worrying and even my mother mentioned it today , what exactly do the establishment have on the SNP that stops them coming out all guns blazing ????? it is not my mind being frazzled reading countless blogs , many people have mentioned it to me that dont even take much interest in politics or go near the web, and I think for as long as AS is at the helm for all his good intentions whatever it is needs to come out now

Alex Porter said...


My feeling is that it is very simple. If the truth comes out the Scottish Legal system will collapse. Salmond is bailing them out despite the fact that it is an integral part of the Unionist establishment..

Salmond comes clean, Scots Law is a goner..

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

No worries Alex when Iain Gray kicks Alex Salmond out of Bute house with he will say 'SORRY' then.

wiliam said...

Yes it's all very messy. MacAskill made a point of saying that Megrahi was guilty just before releasing him. If he hadn't done this then it would have opened a can of worms.
The criminal cases review report on the whole trial will hopefully be released when the legislation is introduced but a full enquiry will be blocked due to 'data protection' and 'human rights' law and anything the politicians can cling onto to keep the can of worms sealed shut.
The establishment have tons on the SNP. That's the only conclusion you could make after they dumped their cherished referendum on independence and refuse to stand up to the anti SNP bias in the media in Scotland.
They became church mice when in power against most people's expectations and hopes.