Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looting of Scotland Continues Unabated

The money given to Scotland from London last year was £33 Billion. The latest find of oil in the North Sea will rake in £73 Billion and the treasury's take in tax will be around a year's Scottish expenditure. That means this find would pay all Scotland's bills for a year and no-one need pay any taxes.

Check out the story which has low profle status on the BBC:

'Exceptional' oil find made in North Sea by EnCore

You won't find this story splashed in Scotland's press. I found out about it via Subrosa's blog. Oil is the big economic powerhouse that no-one is allowed to discuss. Britain has been a petro-economy since the 70's thanks to the oil off Scotland's coast. In that time Scotland has got poorer, more die of alcohal related illness, more teenage pregnancies, more infant mortality, more depression, worse life expectancy, low paid jobs, more unemployment, more suicides, more emigration, more prisoners, more wars and more Labour MPs.

People, this is a single oil find and there are more to come. The price of oil will likely go up and especially if Iran is attacked by the US/Ukanian empire on the pretext of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' - where did we hear lies like that before? Eh, Labour. And millions dead into the bargain.

Again we see another reason for a 'Bankrupt Britain, Surplus Scotland' campaign by the SNP but they seem content with impending opposition at Holyrood and MSP's salaries just like Labour always has been.

Oil bank-rolled The City of London for decades. Now that London is bust oil is all that Britain has left. And what thanks does Scotland get for her generosity? None, we are branded subsidy junkies and our living standards continue to plummet owing to the state of the UK's finances and thanks to Labour's (Brown's) economic illiteracy or was it selling us off to banking buddies? Things are set to get worse as the oil keeps flowing.

Meanwhile don't expect to hear about oil in our captured media. Their job is simply to keep their own population servile. And Scots quickly get into line for our next kicking.

How shameful.


subrosa said...

Super post Alex and far more eloquent than mine. Thank you for the link too.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for the encouragement!

Glad you're on the ball - someone has to be. I really appreciate all the work you put in. Invaluable!

William said...

To all you Scottish subsidy junkies, did you know that one third of all Housing Benefit paid in the UK is paid to people in the London area?
I just learned of this and thought I would like to share it....

Logically it's OK because rents in London are high, but just imagine the stushie if Scotland was getting a third of the money.

David McCann said...

The Scots Independent newspaper, put out nearly 300,000 copies of an excellent 4pp paper, prior to the May 2010 election with the headline 'Savage cuts from Bankrupt Britain', so its not all bad news! And they are in the process of publishing another one very shortly. Anyone who wants supplies just email Jim Lynch at
However, I take your point that the party need to push this point a bit harder. .